Sleep Better

CBD Luxe

Be Calm Vape Pen 200MG

A moment of relaxation


Lagom Teas

Bedtime Tea

Prepare for a full nights sleep


Plant People

Sleep Drops 720MG

Fast-acting, full spectrum hemp extract high in CBD...


Plant People

Plant Balm

Soothing botanical salve


Plant People

Sleep Essentials Kit

CBD is a healthy, all-natural substitute for over-the-counter...


Sagely Naturals

Dream Well Roll-On

Roll-on sleep aid


Dr. Kerklaan

Natural Sleep Cream 120 MG

A topical sleep ritual in a tube


CBD Living

Cherry Sleep Aid

Ease into a deep sleep


Sow Eden

Comfort Tincture 750 MG

Comfort is a proprietary broad-spectrum sublingual CBD tincture formulated...

$60.00 $39.00


Sleepy Gummies 10MG

This CBD gummy formulated by Winged helps reduce...


Bloom Farms

1200 MG Dream Tincture

With all the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes of...



Inscape CBD Duo

Whether you are exploring the benefits of CBD...

$180.00 $153.00

CBD Luxe

CBD Luxe Vape Duo

No more picking and choosing. The CBD Luxe...

$68.00 $58.00

Plant People

Plant People Duo

The CBD dream team duo you've been waiting...

$160.00 $136.00


Snooze Dark Chocolate 30MG

Grön CBD Snooze Adaptogenic Dark Chocolate 30mg offers...


Modern Nature

Rested Sleep Capsules

'Rested' by Modern Nature helps promote a good...


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.