Lagom Teas

Bedtime Tea

Prepare for a full nights sleep


Lagom Teas

Balance Tea

 Start the morning with a moment of quiet 



CBD Ground Coffee

Brew a hot cup of CBD coffee


Mr. Moxey's

Moxey's Mints 300mg

Fresh breath and relaxation


Flower of Life

Watermelon Gummy Bears

Watermelon flavored relaxation


Flower of Life

Mango Gummy Bears

Mango flavored relaxation



Gummy Bears 1500 MG

A childhood favorite for adults, these vegan gummies...


Natural Xtract

Gummies 250 MG

Natural Xtract's lab tested gummies are manufactured with...


Nova Blis

Chill Pops 30MG

Sparkly CBD confections



CBD Sour gummy bears

200 mg Broad Spectrum CBD 10 mg CBD...


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.