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Be Alert Vape Pen 200MG
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Be Alert Vape Pen 200MG

Feel alert wherever you go

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CBD Luxe Vaporizer is for daytime use, awakening the mind and body with each inhale. Infused with 200MG of CBC and organic essential oils of lemon, lime, and ginger, to instantly feel a sense of alertness.

200MG Organic CBD / 300 Puffs
MCT Oil, CBD, Lemon Essential Oill Lime Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil
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What's Inside

Full Spectrum CBD
Lemon Oil
Lime Oil
Organic Non-GMO

How to Use

  1. Place your lips on the end of the pen that has a hole and suck air through the hole into your mouth.
  2. The air flow will automatically trigger the heating element to produce vapor from the CBD oil, which will enter the air flow coming through the pen into your mouth.
  3. Simply inhale and exhale the vapor to start enjoying the effects.


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

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