Bloom Farms

1200 MG Dream Tincture

With all the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes of...



Aches Vaporizer 500MG

CBD & essential oils for relief


Mantra Mask

Anti-Aging Sheet Mask 30 MG

Collagen and CBD for a radient glow



Awaken Massage Oil

Awaken desire with CBD


Bloom Farms

Balance Tincture 300 MG

Balance naturally


CBD Luxe

Be Alert Tincture 1000 MG

Alertness without the crash


CBD Luxe

Be Alert Vape Pen 200MG

Feel alert wherever you go


Plant People

Be Calm Capsules

A daily supplement to reduce stress


CBD Luxe

Be Calm Tincture 1000MG

Take back the night


CBD Luxe

Be Calm Vape Pen 200MG

A moment of relaxation


Lagom Teas

Bedtime Tea

Prepare for a full nights sleep



Best Sellers Essentials Kit

Best Selling Edible:Natural Xtract's Gummies 250 MG -...


Sow Eden

Boost Tincture 750 MG

By combining the benefits of whole plant CBD with two...



Calming Vape Pen 500MG

Be calm, cool, collected


Plant People

CBD Drops 630 MG

Fast acting, full-spectrum CBD in highly bioavailable MCT...


Lord Jones

CBD Gel Capsules 25 MG

Lord Jones' Hemp-Derived CBD Gel Capsules are for...



CBD Ground Coffee

Brew a hot cup of CBD coffee


W.W. Norton

CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets

A one-stop lifestyle resource for all things CBD


Liquid Sky

CBD Salve 500 MG

Liquid Sky's CBD oil is sourced from organic,...



CBD Sour gummy bears

200 mg Broad Spectrum CBD 10 mg CBD...


Bloom Farms

CBD Sports Stick

A proprietary blend of herbs, known to have...



CBD+ Cool Stick

Powerful plant-based relief


Penguin Random House

CBD: A Patient's Guide to Medicinal Cannabis

The Seminal Book on CBD as MedicineThis practical,...


CBD Living

Cherry Sleep Aid

Ease into a deep sleep


Nova Blis

Chill Pops 30MG

Sparkly CBD confections


Mantra Mask

Collagen Sheet Mask 30MG

Take years off your face with CBD


Sow Eden

Comfort Tincture 750 MG

Comfort is a proprietary broad-spectrum sublingual CBD tincture formulated...


Khus Khus

COPIUS Body Serum 150MG

A medicinal array of Ayurvedic and Western adaptogenic...


Sweet Reason

Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water 10MG

Refreshing sparkling water with 10 mg of CBD,...


Sagely Naturals

Dream Well Roll-On

Roll-on sleep aid


Plant People

Drops+ Relief 720 MG

Support everyday recovery


Plant People
Plant People

Drops+ Starter Set

The perfect place to start. A trio of...



Emerald Glow Oil

Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil is a lightweight...


Plant People

Extra Strength Drops 1040 MG

CBD with even more benefits



Gel Capsules 30 MG

A daily CBD supplement


Paige Novick

Gem Story Soothe Oil

Sodalite , Quartz Crystal, & essential oils


Kaleidoscope Labs

Glow Capsules 30 MG

Glow get it


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.